From our visitors book.

5/8/16 - 3/9/16

The Gonzalez family, Madrid, Spain

We love Skye, we love Scotland and we love Mable's Cottage. Thank you for your Home, for your sweet home. You are very friendly and generous. Never forget it. Thank you.

28/10/17 - 3/11/17

Izzy & Sean, London

We had the most amazing stay, so homely. Thak you. We will be back.

28-31 July 18

Marie et Gwen, France

Wonderful stay. We felt like at home-rooms are so cosy like we expected. We also enjoyed staying in the garden with all the animals, especially the cow and the owl watching through the kitchen window.

25/5 - 1/6/2018

Christan Rohen & Family, Siberatsweiler, Germany

We are wondering about the kind owner of this wonderful place who has provided for every possible need: the need to be comfortable,  to be informed, entertained, to feel at home, to cook and eat well, to snuggle in cosy beds. And not only humans needs are taken care of but also dogs needs! so we guess you must be a vet, dear owner,because you seem to really love dogs! We and our sheep dog Nella have enjoyed our stay in this lovely with its stunning surroundings. Thank you!

28/9 - 5/10/2018

Alex Macara, Bristol, UK

I think I may have found something Mable's does not have - an egg pricker!Very well stocked house. Great location; Fairy Glen up the road, walks through the woods on the shore (gate before the shop) I love Skye and have been coming here for sometime,  but I think Mable's really is the nicest place I've ever stayed at.


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